FACEBOOK VS INSTAGRAM – which platform offers more?

FACEBOOK VS INSTAGRAM – which platform offers more?

The digital age has completely changed the approach to marketing. Advertising used to be provided in the newspapers or via radio, but nowadays it primarily takes place on social networks. In order to adjust your advertising in the new trends, it is necessary to be familiar with the platforms on which digital marketing is conducted.

Social network such as Facebook or Instagram provide many opportunities for increasing the visibility of the organization or interaction with the target audience, but it is important to understand their pros and cons in order to succeed. Even though both Facebook and Instagram are part of the Facebook Inc. company, every social network has its own laws regarding digital marketing.

Digital marketing - social network
Digital marketing – social network

Let’s start with a little statistics:


  • 2.38 billion active users every month
  • 96% of active users access Facebook via mobile devices
  • 51%  of teenagers use Facebook
  • 80 million both small and big companies have a Facebook account


  • 1 billion active users per month
  • 500 million active users of Instagram Story per day
  • 60% of users use Instagram every day
  • 25 million active business profiles

Even though numbers are going in favour of Facebook, it is important to interpret statistics correctly and think about your own expectations regarding the promotion via social networks. Facebook has a larger user base which is not a surprise as it celebrates its 16th birthday this year, while Instagram’s user base is increasing much quicker. With the already mentioned statistics, the question comes up: In which situation to use Facebook, and in which situation Instagram? The answer depends on 3 segments of social networks.

Instagram Story
Instagram Story


The age is the biggest difference in user demographic of Instagram and Facebook. Instagram has considerably younger user base. The most of active users are under 35 years old, which means that their consumer preferences differ. Younger users have a tendency to decide faster when they’re buying a product and are being more often under the influence of trends within certain industry. On the other hand, Facebook has a significant customer base over 35 years old that has more money which they are willing to spend if they like the advertising product. Therefore, while selecting a primary social network, bear in mind those demographical facts of the target audience to make the strategy successful.


A key segment in which Instagram wins is user engagement regarding the content they see. A recent study of social media engagement has shown that the average engagement on a brand post on Facebook is 0.09% while on Instagram 1.60%. This fact indicates a significant difference which can make a difference when choosing a social network for a digital campaign. Nevertheless, the type and quality of the content play a major role in engagement. Therefore, creative content is extremely important.


Comparison of Instagram and Facebook would be incomplete without analyzing the dominant type of content in each. As every Instagram and Facebook users knows, Instagram’s primary role is to post a photo and a short video clip, while Facebook is more appropriate to post some textual content. However, their difference is much more complex than this categorization.

Basically, both social networks offer a separate experience: Facebook helps to inform you on many topics, while Instagram offers the feeling of making memories. For example, you want to visit a new restaurant – via Facebook you can check all the important information that affect your decision (whether you go or not). After selecting the preferred location, you will share your photos from the restaurant via Instagram and they will serve as a memory.

Facebook vs Instagram
Facebook vs Instagram

Despite different possibilities and opportunities that Instagram and Facebook offer, these social networks live in digital symbiosis. That’s why brands, in most of the cases, have activated profiles on both social networks in order to have complete access to the target audience.

Mutual replenishment has been recognized by Facebook Inc., so nowadays it’s much easier to link your business profiles. However, the content is the most important and it initiates activities and customer engagement. Don’t forget to create it according to the specifics of a particular platform in order to find a way to the target audience.

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